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We enable fans to support their favorite teams and athletes by donating spare change from everyday purchases. Fans earn rewards, discounts, and exclusive content.

Athletes earn instant NIL payouts from fans and brand partners, which include automated compliance reporting and financial wellness tips. 

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Fan Round-ups™ enable fans, friends, and family to support their favorite athletes effortlessly by rounding up spare change from everyday purchases. Whether grabbing a morning coffee, grocery shopping, or dining out at a favorite sports bar, each purchase is rounded to the nearest dollar, with the remaining amount contributed to the chosen college athlete or team you'd like to support. 

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Get rewarded for your round-up contributions. Earn discounts and rewards from your favorite brands and merchants.  Get invite-only fan perks including exclusive access to athlete content and events.

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Create promotions targeted to fans who want to spend at merchants willing to support their favorite teams and athletes. Gain valuable insights and analytics to drive more sales and repeat customers.

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Athletes invite fans, family, and friends to round-up their daily purchases and send their spare change to support their athletic journey!  Easily keep track of your supporters and brand partnerships in the AthletePlus app.

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Alexa Young, CA

“Before learning about the Fan Round-Ups app, I had never given to my athletic departments booster program because they always asked me to give too much. This makes it easy to give within my budget and I love supporting my team this way."

Morgan James, NY

"I watch womens basketball and before Fan Round-Ups, my college only had a collective to support mens sports, but now I get to give to the team and players I want to."

Lisa Driver, MI

“We run a local coffee franchise and love being able to target fans of our local college teams to drive extra revenue. As a bonus we get to support athletes at the same time by matching fan round-ups.” 
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