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financial fitness
tools for athletes

We are building the world's first athlete-centric financial services company and community.

We help athletes bank®

Millions of athletes remain underbanked, despite new rules that allow them to monetize their name, image, and likeness. At Athlete+®, we help build a better financial future for ALL athletes, not just the top 1%.

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banking for athletes

Financial Literacy & Wellness

According to the NCAA, nearly 60% of student-athletes enter college without any prior financial literacy education. Athlete+® provides real-time feedback on spending habits, along with easy-to-comprehend financial education snippets. By combining learning with gamification, we make financial literacy rewarding!

athlete banking app

Better financial outcomes by 
automating your finances

Smart monitoring

Spending insights

Track your spending, monitor balances, and automatically ensure no payments are missed.

We categorize your purchases and track spending habits compared to income to help you avoid spending more than you earn.

Boosted savings

Stay motivated by tracking how much you’ve earned and saved. Compare your progress week over week and see where you rank amongst your peers.

athlete plus app
athlete plus app
automate finances

NIL Endorsements

Earn statement credits and paid endorsements from brands you already love. Connect your account to NIL marketplaces and let Athlete+ get you paid quicker, automate NIL compliance, and track your NIL Score®.

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automated nil deals

We think those things will be very, very beneficial to our students, whether or not they determine that they want to earn compensation for their name, image, or likeness.”
-Kathy Hebda, Division of Florida Colleges Chancellor

Visa Debit Card

Exclusive to athletes, but accepted everywhere*

athlete plus banking card

Athlete+ cardholders receive exclusive travel and sports venue perks, and up to 25% cashback from hundreds of brands, including Uber Eats.

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